Quality Client Services

Providing quality, "proactive" customer service is the distinct advantage we offer our clients. These necessary services must be provided accurately and efficiently in order to have a successful voluntary employee benefits program.

These value-added services include:

Voluntary Employee Benefits Design
Pre-Enrollment Communications
Enrollment with Salaried Consultants
Monthly Billing Reconcilation
Claims Processing
Policyholder Services

Individual consultation at the worksite with "salaried" enrollers enables us to customize coverage for each employee based on their specific needs, family status and budgets. Employees are systematically accounted for and asked to sign a waiver form or to participate. This avoids adverse selection and discrimination while maximizing participation.

NBC acts as the service intermediary between plan participants, employers and the insurance company. All employer and policyholder services are provided by NBC and not the plan providers.

Our claims and billing services prevent descrepancies from occurring. NBC's claims specialists expedite the claims payment process by ensuring that all forms are submitted completely and accurately to the insurance company.

Quick Response Service Guarantee

Our clients may use our email system or toll-free Customer Service Line: (888) NBC-5558. All calls are guaranteed to be returned within 90 minutes if not answered immediately by a live customer service representative.

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